Tuesday, November 01, 2011


Ok, watch out people. I'm about to get on my soapbox because this is my blog and I can. Fair warning!

(look, a real soapbox!)

So first, watch this: http://www.komonews.com/news/local/132893483.html

Now for my thoughts as someone who has participated in anti-trafficking grassroots advocacy for a couple years now:

1) Awareness is good. The fact that the news is picking this up is awesome.

2) It's a double edged sword. When a topic becomes a fad (which anti-trafficking IS--I compare it to AIDS in African ten years ago) it comes with good things and complicated, annoying, and potentially harmful things.

3) The issue gets sensationalized. Yes, it's an awful story--but it is dramatic on its own. Do you really need to cut and paste like they did in the video to make it more dramatic? And some of the stats thrown out there--where in the world do they come up with that?

4) The issue gets skewed. Sex trafficking happens and is bad. But did you know that labor trafficking happens more? And that sex trafficking is actually a form of labor trafficking? It's a specific kind of forced labor. So why are we ignoring the bigger issue of labor trafficking? Because sex is more sensationally interesting?

5) Power imbalances. In this particular video clip, the women are victims and the men have the knowledge. The only "experts" interviewed or quoted are men. I promise you, men are not the only experts. Nope, nope, nope.

I could keep going but long rants are also annoying and could be the subject of another soapbox. I will say though, that this kind of story is pretty typical--people prefer sensationalized drama over examining roots causes of vulnerability that lead to being trafficked.

Ok, now I'm done!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Two Weeks Later

I was being so good about consistency--and then I stopped. But I'm back after only two weeks, so that still is an improvement over before, right?

Since I last wrote, I made my first trifle.

It was the last course of a 4 stop progressive dinner. Such fun.

I also bought sparkly shoes. Because I have always wanted to. I sent this picture to my sister while at the store to get help on which shoe to buy! I ended up having to make the decision all by myself and then my sister (too late) told me to buy the other pair. However, I still love the ones I did buy! Which were the sparkliest.

Since last writing, I have also worn crazy long eyelashes. To a football game. Which ended so late I didn't even go out in costume afterwards. So I was just glammed up for the football game. I am very excited to report that I will be purchasing my very first iphone this weekend (yay!) and will in the future avoid large hands in my picture because I have to use a mirror, all old school style.

Since last writing, I have also had a dear friend visit me in Seattle, hosted my entire family for dinner at my new place (yes, everyone fit!), attended a Remix (awesome party hosted by the Seattle Art Museum), purchased the last of my furniture (finally have a real bed!), visited Whistler Canada (that deserves its own post), went to a chocolate festival, and saw Pomplamoose perform.

Pomplamoose is just about the most endearing band ever. I was very impressed that my dad knew them well! I wish I had known or I would have invited him to the concert :)

Here is some endearing entertainment for you all this Monday:

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Bible and Patriotism

Some friends stumbled across this particular interpretation of the Bible and I just couldn't let it pass. We Americans are that ego-centric to produce a Bible that explains how great our country is.

I certainly love my country and know I am privileged to be an American. But with privilege should come responsibility and to make the Bible completely about my country and how great my patriotism is--well, that doesn't match up with how I understand responsbility. I honestly don't think God cares that much about America in how we have constructed it as a nation state.

Here's a peek inside the Bible and I say "God Bless Amerika" with lots of patriotic love with perspective.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Misguided Humanitarian Aid

Click HERE to read an interesting critique and thought provoking pictures regarding the West's often misguided desire to help the developing world.

I have seen too many of these pictures in person and wondered about the usefulness and potential harm of even well-intentioned efforts and donations. However, the one that takes the cake for me in this critique are the clowns sent to help kids with PTSD. In my experience, clowns only cause or aggravate PTSD! They are plain weird and scary! (I may have run away and helped hide my little brother from clowns many times while spending days/nights at Childrens Hospital)

Trends in my Career

Advocacy, online, social media, social justice, brand, storytelling.

Just some words that come to mind when I think of my job.

Which makes the trends below especially interesting.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy Columbus Day!

Columbus Day is so odd to me. When was it even established as a holiday? Unless you work for the federal govt. no one gives Columbus Day a second thought.

Unless it comes to coupons. I went to lunch with a friend years ago and pulled out a coupon. True, the coupon did say it was not valid for use on holidays. But I was flabbergasted when the server said he could not accept the coupon because it was a holiday--Columbus Day.

Lesson learned. Columbus Day is not an obscure enough holiday to invalidate coupons.

And now for a weekend recap: pumpkin patch, pumpkin beer festival, pumpkin pie baking, and pumpkin carving. So pumpkiny!

**Thank you to those from whom I stole pictures since I took all of one this weekend**

Friday, October 07, 2011


No wait, that apparently comes naturally for me. And I don't know how to shelve the emotions either when they surface. Either good or bad. I wear them on my sleeve, on my face, wherever else you can wear them.

I give myself away.

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Funky Tights, Old Friends, and Men-Ups

I am wearing funky tights for the first time this season. Black. Checkered.

Meeting up with an old work friend for lunch today. Years later we are at different work places but still downtown. After running into each other at a crosswalk we are now rendezvousing (I love that word).

For some fun for you all visit THIS website. Turning some classic pin-up poses on their head. Pretty amusing.

Fall Wish List

I can dream anyway :)

And I have no idea why there is this huge gap--technical difficulties!

Mason Jar Chandelier Mason J...


Wedding Belle: bridal, vinta...


Steampunk feather fascinator...


Vintage pearl head piece, fa...


Pleated Light Green 16 X 16...


Contemporary Yellow - Throw ...


Pillow Cover - tandem bicycl...


FRENCH PAQUETS Set of 12 Vin...


Linen Bloom Pillow- Mustard ...


Small wooden FM Radio and MP...


Ceramic Teapot, Bright Teal


antique bottle collection co...


Two Vintage Green Glass Bott...


Vintage Blown Glass Wine Dec...


Vintage Fresh Water Pearl To...


The Clutch in Natural


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.